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I have been practising light footprint strategies, eco-conscious choices, sustainability and frugal living since the beginning of the environmental movement (yes, I am rather ancient). As a professional writer and translator, I specialise in technical, computing and general instruction manuals.

Formally educated in the Classics and in modern languages (Italian, English), I have worked as executive PA, office manager, logistics manager, and run a pioneer handmade soap & cosmetics business in Australia.

When I first came to know of it, the Internet was a nerd's playground, with HTML 1 a fresh new baby of Tim Berner-Lee's invention. While using the Web to expand on my studies of herbal medicine, aromatherapy skincare and (exotic) frugal cuisine, I joined a self-sufficiency email discussion list and met someone who was actually MAKING SOAP from scratch!

Caught by the bubble fever, by the turn of the Millennium I was active in the first lines of the (then) buddying handmade soapmaking movement. It was then that, on the 'net, I met Patrizia Garzena and, with her, started sharing my expertise through training and educational activities, both on the Web through Internet discussion groups, Websites and email mailing lists, and locally through hands-on workshops, public meetings and networking events.

As natural as possible handmade soap & skin care, light-footprint living, eco-friendly housekeeping, non-polluting cleaning alternatives, responsible/frugal cooking (...and Information Technology) are my forte.

Professional affiliations

I am a member of the following professional associations:


Natural Soapmaking Handbook
(with Patrizia Garzena) Soap Naturally's (see below) first reincarnation accurately describes all modern paste soapmaking methods.
Natural Soapmaking Cookbook
(with Patrizia Garzena) Soap Naturally's (see below) second reincarnation collects 77 fail-proof recipes for superior skin-friendly, eco-friendly handmade soaps.
Soap Naturally
(with Patrizia Garzena) The original Soap Bible: the book that opened the doors of proficient handmade soapmaking & chemical-free skincare to novices and pundits all alike.
Warning!! Pirated copies are being sold on the 'Net for outrageous prices. Do check our Buyers beware announcement for details.
Sapone fatto in casa - naturalmente For Dummies
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) Handmade soap as you want it: modern soamaking methods, soap-art and decorative techniques, core values and essential knowledge for homemade soap champions.
Felicità sostenibile. Muoversi nella vita con passo leggero
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) A realistic guide, rich of original ideas and practical suggestions, to find happiness and holistic fulfilment in everyday small things.
Aromi, profumi e balsami naturali
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) Aromatherapy skincare handbook: easy to follow recipes for handmade lotions & potions, exploiting the benefits of natural plant essential oils.
La cucina salvatempo
(in Italian) Frugal practices, suggestions and recipes for saving time, money and energy, while preparing tasty and wholesome food.
Cura naturale della casa
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) Home ecology and ecologic economy in practice: how to live in a clean, tidy and energy-efficient home.
Il tuo sapone naturale
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) The Italian soapmaker's Bible: ingredients, methods and recipes to make (yourself) the best soap for your skin.
I tuoi saponi naturali: 77 ricette...
(with Patrizia Garzena, in Italian) The soapmaker's Bible ideal complement: our favourite soap recipes for your family, home, and four legged friends.

On the Internet

I have been sharing my experiences and passion about soap, natural cosmetics, domestic ecology and responsible cooking for more years than I care to remember. This is where I can be found hanging out, on my own or with Patrizia:

SoapNatch / Soap Naturally
The one-and-only Australian International virtual community and resource on handmade soapmaking: knowledge base, Web portal, Soap Fairies blogs.
Natural soapmaking
Sister site to SoapNatch for handmade soapers, home to the Natural Soapmaking email mailing list. Yes, you can meet me there!
Patrizia Garzena & Marina Tadiello's home on the Web maintains an always updated catalogue of our Internet experiences and initiatives. Check out there our blogs and social media engagements.
Blogs @ Vivere naturalmente
(in English and in Italian) Where one can chew over the intrinsic nature and astounding differences between frugal cooking and poor man's cuisine, ethical and sustainable, ecological and alternative, naturally applied to self-production, handmade soapmaking, aromatherapy skin care, responsible cooking, simple living, eco-conscious choices, environmental values.
Lucretia B's Amazing International Cookbook
The first cookbook in two languages ever to appear on the Internet. Originally published on Geocities... in HTML 1!
Sapone - Italian soapers mailing list
(in Italian) Community and email mailing list for Italian soapmakers, where Patrizia and I are active members.
Il mio sapone
(in Italian) Some of my writings also appeared on Patrizia's soapmaking Website, the first and only resource in Italian for natural handmade soapmakers.

Social Media

Other interests

When I'm not writing, tutoring or otherwise working, you might find me engaged in one of the following [frugal] activities:

For more auto-gossip, see my Web diary, Making natural soap: the Austral Soap Fairy's blog.

Non nobis solum - Non solo per noi, ma per il bene di tutti